Silver Jubilee to the Priesthood for four of our FI Filipino priests.

February 7, 2024

For World Day of Consecrated Life, four of our confreres Franciscan of the Immaculate celebrated their 25th anniversary of priestly ordination, They were in fact ordained on Feb. 2, 1999 in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Cebu by the late Card. Ricardo Vidal, then archbishop of Cebu.

P. Jose Maria Adan – born Dec. 3, 1965, Bulacan. Philippines. Missionary in Nigeria since 2002, returned to the Philippines 2015. Assigned to care our farms in Pampanga as a Philippine mission livelihood. Celebrated his 25th anniversary in Pampanga by also baptizing 20 children from the Aetas families during the celebration. The Aetas are an ethnic group on the island of Luzon in the Philippines. Pigmoid in type, they live by hunting and gathering. They are considered as the first inhabitants of the Philippines, as they were already present in the island at the time of the migration of Austronesian peoples. Their conversion is a great grace from God.

P. Mark M. Dalaygon – born March 19, 1966, Misamis Occidental, Philippines. Assigned to the United States for his priestly formation and then returned to the Philippines to help with the mission. He also briefly went to India for a missionary esploration in Trivandrum, Kerala. He is currently Fr. Guardian of the Talamban community in Cebu, Philippines.

P. Aloysius Dolindo M. Rosales – born Jan. 8, 1968, in Quezon City, Philippines. Assigned to Italy for his priestly formation. Also graduated in electronic and communications engineering. Helped strongly in setting up the studios and antennas of Radio Immaculée Conception in Benin through numerous tours in Africa. He has become a missionary in Brazil since 2014. He directs Radio Voz do Coraçao Imaculado in addition to being Father Guardian of the Marian House in Anapolis and pastor of St. John the Baptist in Vila Formosa in Anapolis, Goias state.

P. Angelo Michele M. Guarin – born March 13, 1970 in Tondo, Manila, Philippines. Assigned to the United States in his priestly formation and then destined to Italy where he studied a specialization in the Pontifical Athenaeum S. Anselmo obtaining a Licentiate in Sacred Liturgy. Back in the Philippines 2023 he is Fr. Guardian of the community of Lagro, Novaliches.

Ad multos!

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Heartful Thanks Father Antonio!

Heartful Thanks Father Antonio!

He passed away this morning at 7:45 a.m., Fr. Antonio M. Santoro. He had been hospitalized for a few days in a palliative care home in Foggia. His last assignment was as Rector of the shrine Notre Dame des Anges in Pignans and former Father Guardian of the adjoining Marian House in France. A historical and eminent figure of the Institute, he can be considered the father of the Marian Publishing House and the founder of the mission in Bénin.

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